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"How to quickly master astral projection, astral travel and out of body experiences"

This is what users of this method are commenting all over the internet:

"So this is what Nirvana looks like..." (Patrick, France)

"The most amazing experience of my life. And a life changing one!" (Maury, Texas).

"I never imagined I would get so much and so quick from any course. Your approach, your clarity and the quality of your techniques are second to none, and it was paramount for me to let as many people as one possibly can, know about it. Please use my testimonial in your website. Your method has unveiled a new dimension to me, and for that, thank you!" (Susan, Ireland).

For the very first time, here is a fool proof technique guaranteed to help you achieve successful astral travel. It's not the usual visualization and/or autosuggestion trick, it is an actual method that works systematically.

From the desk of Nathaniel Oldman:
Dear reader:

Imagine what your life would be if every night, instead of loosing your consciousness to sleep, you just left your body to rest behind you, and without any kind of effort, started traveling where ever you wished. Imagine you could go and visit friends, family members, or that special person you whish to talk to - but still haven't dared to. Imagine you can go and talk to her and that the day after, she seems to remember you and already looks at you as a friend. Imagine you could see your past, present and future, and even change the latter. Imagine you could appear wherever you wanted in the blink of an eye. Imagine you could see through things, sense more intensively you could ever imagine, and access a world of colors and shapes only described as a paradise. Imagine you could fly. Imagine you could find spiritual Masters that could provide you with the specific learning you need on your daily life.

Astral travel is live changing. It's like waking up to real life when everyone else is asleep, with the ability to change our day to day life, which then feels like being a dream. Astral travel is the next step in evolution, may it be from a personal point of view or the next level to successfully manage your material issues. So many things can be achieved by astral projection and I can assure you that with the technique I'm introducing you to, anyone can achieve it.

Dear Nathaniel

May I thank you so much for your course. It has enabled me to be reborn to real life. My night experiences are now so rich that I can't wait for night to come. And my "real" life is now the mirror of my true one, like a dream that reflects my experiences out of the body. I have never been so happy to live, this goes further than my wildest dreams.

Julien, France.

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Do you want to have the ability to see beyond what is obvious? To disengage from your body and achieve what others only dream of? To have the power to outlaw physical rules, go where your body can't, and change what seems steady in your life?

Do you want to project into the astral planes safely, avoiding its true and noticeable dangers, only to take advantage of its best part? Do you want a proved method to achieve systematic and successful disincorporation?

If so, then read carefully, as this is the most important site you will come across for long.

Until now astral projection only happened either as a spontaneous experience with no control from its host, or as the result of an extensive personal work, often within the scope of an hermetic initiation, requiring years of practice, the use of specific drugs, diet, mental control, or a combination of any.

There is of course a reason for such training, and I have been through it. It allows the one who achieves and masters astral travel to be in full control, fully aware and safe in his experience. But as I mastered these techniques, I also learned they are not technically necessary to achieve an out of body experience, and foremost, that there are save ways to protect oneself once in the astral planes.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

My name is Nathaniel Oldman. For years I've been interested in hermetics and studied the best there is, such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Bardon's work, Enochian Magick... Came the time that as part of my Initiation I needed to achieve astral travel, as my experiences where limited to my body, a body that had become a prison to my mind. I failed this challenge for over a number of years, and I tried every known technique there is out there.

I believe there is a reason for everything to happen. I had had some spontaneous experiences as a teenager, hence I knew it was possible to astral travel, but I just seemed unable to reproduce these earlier experiences willingly.

The times when I had the possibility to share my experiences proved me that I was far from being a single case. A bit to my surprise, my difficulties seemed to be the reflect of a majority.

Eventually, I succeeded...

This is what I'm sharing with you today.

Why traditional methods fail...

As I've said, I tried every single astral projection technique there was out there. Books, recordings, group sessions, you name it. None of them work.

The reason why they don't work is because they rely on auto-suggestion and relaxation all of the time. It is however a fact that some people are unable to relax enough to achieve the required body state to trigger disincoporation. On the other hand, only the week of mind can submit to suggestion, may it be from one self or others. In both cases it is a real danger for the individual once in the astral plane, who will be unable to overcome the challenges he may be presented to, and finish up with a mental disturbance, or even attempt drastic acts in a worst case scenario.

I understood that if so much training was needed, it was because a filter is needed in order to limit the damage when doing astral projection.

But there are also those of us who really want to achieve this step (for a number of reasons: progress in one's learning, visit a loved one, meet a desired person, etc...), and are just unable to, despite an honest will and understanding of what is needed.

Help always comes to those who ask for it.


As you, I had tried everything there was to try. Never got any success better than a hand feeling light. Thanks to the method you are sharing, I am now able to fully leave my body in about 12 minutes.

Brian, California.

The most powerful astral travel technique, but...

Once I managed to find a technique - that I will expose a bit later on- that would allow any one, beginners and experienced astral travelers alike, to quickly and effectively succeed in leaving once physical body behind, I was confronted to one major problem: the dangers of the astral plane.

The astral plane is also called the "whishes world"; it is what we see when we dream. From your own experiences you can tell how vivid and real that world is, and you can reckon that despite being host to pleasant dreams, it is as well for the worse nightmares. Now imagine you were in the middle of a terrifying nightmare, but unable to wake up: this is root to a certain number of mental disorders that may have fatal consequences.

Where we wonder and what we meet in the astral planes is down to a certain number of factors. The main one is the quality of our own being: elevated individual are likely to find themselves directly on higher planes whereas angry, vicious or tortured ones will directly jump in the lower, denser, darker ones, with the obvious encounters of each one's inhabitants - from demons to light beings. Some other factors may influence, such as the experiences of a particular day, the room and ventilation where the body rests and the diet followed.

I needed to find extremely powerful protection methods that would enable a beginner to avoid trouble if he found himself in the "wrong" place at the wrong time. Finding yourself there is almost like a lethal injection gone wrong. I also needed to find a protection for the body left behind, so no larva or other under being would try to take advantage of it. You'll learn techniques that will help you sleep.

I eventually found a proper protection for each matter directly in the astral world, by inquiring to higher and more evolved beings. I've had the opportunity to test them myself; sharing with them has proven that each one of these techniques is fool proved.

I can therefore guarantee a safe astral journey to anyone.

A revolutionary approach - an easy astral travel technique - that always works!

Astral traveling could be compared to riding a bike: once you've mastered it, you can just relax and go. But before achieving it for a few first times, one needs a trigger, one that systematically works, no matter who one is, where one is, what one's previous experience is or how tired one may be. That is what I've found, and what I'm proposing you.

Manage to leave your physical body any time you want it. Do not just attempt, succeed systematically.

Learn all protective mechanism to safeguard your body and your mind.

Enjoy the freedom of astral travel.

Discover a whole new world of experiences, such as astral intercourse.

Discover the akashic planes and get a glimpse of the past, present and future and how to change them.

 Meet with higher beings and learn to spiritually improve yourself.

This method is proved and fit for everyone. You do not need previous experience and if you, it can only help you improve your actual results.

 I waited all my life for this (...).

John, Oregon.

(...) the cloaking technique proved to be just fine to protect my body while I went on fighting the demons that have tortured me since my childhood. Not only was I able to come back to an intact body, your banishing cast got me rid of them and since I've been able to meet and interact with my guardian being.

Susan, Ireland.

Your method is the first one that actually works for me. I think I've bought every single book out there that deals with astral projection. After reading yours, I highly doubt any of the authors of the books I've spent hundreds and thousands on actually achieved any astral experience at all!!

Alan, New York City.

Nathaniel, I just wanted to let anyone out there that your techniques really work. Actually, so far they are the *only* ones I've found to work.

Simon, New Zealand.

Every day people like you use this method to change their lives:

You need nothing else but this course to get started. You could be astral traveling right now, by the time you have come to read these lines.

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My guarantee:

I have been a student and a teacher of Hermetics for very long now. Once you have read my ebook you will understand why the approach I offer will work on anyone and is actually the only one guaranteed to work systematically, as you will have understood what really happens when one projects out of the physical body.

I therefore guarantee this method is fool proof, and is the most serious and effective  you will find, online or offline. I also guarantee that I will be available via email should you require extra help and that  I will work with you up to the limits of your karma and to the best of my abilities until the best resolution of your situation is attained. This is the highest and most comprehensive guarantee anyone serious can offer you in this field. . This is the highest and most comprehensive guarantee anyone serious can offer you in this field. I aslo have to warn you that it requires daily training during a period of time, and this is the only reason I am not offering a refund type of guarantee, as I have no control on the time and effort you might put. That said, the daily training required is less than half and hour and is not particularily difficult. Anyone can do it.

Contact me here for questions, enrollment, and more:

What will you receive with your astral projection course?

For the first time ever, this technique is made available to general public. When ordering it, I'm happy to provide you with additional elements as well. The course has been written with the aim to be easily understood and applied quickly.

 Astral projection guide - (112 $ value)

Everything you need to know, from start to end, to successfully accomplish astral travel and astral projection.

The method is available for all and adapted to each particular condition: you need no previous experiences and past failures will not have any effect on its power. If you have already had some successful disincorporations, this method will allow you to progress faster and more securely.

This technique is self sufficient, and you need nothing else to succeed in astral travel.

Here is a preview of my e-book:

TOTAL: 112$.


Success does not wait!

Although I’ve started making available this course only recently, there is already an increasingly large number of people who are benefiting from it every single day. My method is adapted to anyone including you.

Now is the time to benefit from it for only 35 US dollars. That  is a mind blowing 77 $ money saver, and I can guarantee you cannot find any equivalent of this course anywhere but here.

If you are determined to improve and change your life with astral travel and projection, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity! 

To start with my method, nothing is easier :


 Yes Nathaniel, I want to take advante of this unique opportunity.

Ordering is simple, fast, convenient and secure. You will be able to download your course immediately, and believe me, this method really works. You just need to test it for yourself. If you are here, it is because you owe it for yourself. Don´t let this opportunity leave you, you will surely and bitterly regret it if you do...


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One last thing...

Thank you for taking the time to read up to here.

There are only a few things I am positive about when it comes to life, and one of them is that nothing happens out of chance or  coincidence. If you are here, right now, reading this, it’s because it was meant to be and that my method can help you change your life: there is  something for you here.

A number of people have already succeeded with astral projection thanks to these techniques. You owe yourself to at least try: it is  safe with my money back guarantee! This will be one of the foremost decisions you will be presented with in your lifetime, I hope you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. I also need to make you aware that this incredible money offer is limited in time. I am to provide it to it's market value of 229$ shortly.

Kind regards,

Nathaniel Oldman.

P.S.: You have now the possibility to take immediate advantage of a unique course, just as so many others have done already!

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P.P.S.: Don’t worry if you think it may not work with you. It works with everybody. And I know it because I’ve done it myself.

If you let go of this opportunity, when do you think the next one will present itself?

P.P.P.S: I’ve been told that some individuals are trying to market and sell my technique on the internet and through well know bidding websites, for prices ranging between 150 and 200 $. I’ve been able to check that not only is not my unique technique they sale, but that theirs is dangerous and partial, and in most case, will not even work. So, if you want a genuine, working and affordable technique, you now what to do next.

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